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Hey, cookie!

I’m Pippa.

I’m an author with one goal: to bring you joy.
I do that by making you laugh until your drink comes out your nose (worth it, I promise)
and introducing you to the most hilarious, quirky, loveable, and (dare I say)
sexy characters I—or you—have ever met.

Unmask the Unicorn >>>

There was a time when I wore a unicorn mask, Sia-style, to hide my identity like I was a storytelling superhero. Nowadays, I’ve unveiled my superpower … it’s making you laugh. 

Pippa Grant - the Unicorn, unmasked

My goal is to make you laugh until you get kicked out of bed by your sleeping partner (even if that partner is your pet or a ghost)—and welcome you to a world where sexy happily ever afters are guaranteed.

My books provide a vacation for your mind, and my universe lets you travel among people and locations that become as familiar as friends and favorite places. Here, the only “drama” happens when enemies become lovers (gasp!) and your favorite characters find themselves in some—ahem—relatable yet over-the-top situations. 

Whether you’re into hockey hunks, rascally raccoons, glitter bombs, or grumpy billionaires, these pages have a place for you.

What do you mean, "Normal"?

Just another day trying to write with a cat in my lap.

I wanted to write books, so I did.

Before I became a USA Today and #1 Amazon bestselling romantic comedy author, I was a young military spouse who got into writing as self-therapy. That happened around the time I discovered reading romance novels, and the two eventually merged into a career. Today, I have more than 30 knee-slapping Pippa Grant titles and nine written as Jamie Farrell. 

When I’m not writing romantic comedies, I’m fumbling through being a mom, wife, and mountain woman, and sometimes trying to find hobbies. My crowning achievement? Having impeccable timing for telling stories that will make people snort beverages out of their noses. Consider yourself warned.

“Where else can you get a heartfelt story that makes you laugh out loud, set against the backdrop of places that you wish were real so you could move there immediately?”

Chelsea | Microbiologist, hiker, cat mom, Star Wars roleplayer

“She creates female characters you can identify with and whom you wish were real so you could be friends with them IRL.” 

Amy | Mom, Filipino, nurse, hype woman

“I love her writing style, the characters, humor, the raunch, and Pippa’s willingness to create the family that is the Pippaverse.” 

Sharon | Used bookstore employee, widowed, grandma, Thrusty stuffie fan

Every story starts with an idea gone wild.

The writing doesn’t start until I’m legit cackling at my desk. 

(By now, my sweet husband, my three kids, and my cat know not to be concerned … I’m still working on giving the occasional contractor fair warning)

Then, my characters make their moves.

This is a place of happiness, sexiness, and belly laughs.

Laws of the Pippa Grant Universe

Sound like the song of your people?!
Pippa Grant - unicorn
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