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Royally Pucked
Manning and Gracie
Book 2
Royally Pucked
A hockey-playing prince, a most improper lady, and one accidental pregnancy...

When you’re an heir so spare that getting attacked by a shark is more likely than you ever wearing the crown, you’re only allowed certain liberties. Yet still, those liberties can bite you in the ass.

Good thing I’m such a charming devil.

Even then, I’ve been banished to America for a year under the pretense of playing professional hockey while my father cleans up my latest mess. But trouble follows me wherever I go. Generally trouble of the beautiful female variety, and Gracie Diamonte is no exception. Or possibly, she’s the best exception.

Until the dinosaur suit. The cookie incident. And the accidental pregnancy.

Of course I’ll do the right thing.

Just as soon as I solve that pesky problem of my royal betrothal.

I’m about to be the biggest scandal to rock my country and there’s a good chance my father may throw me to the sharks after all. The funny thing is I’ve heard that raising children may not be so different from swimming with the sharks. So no matter how you look at things I am Royally Pucked.

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Narrated by Virginia Rose and Jacob Morgan
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Released on April 6, 2018
This book is also available as part of: Copper Valley Origins Box Set
Royally Pucked is a hilariously wrong romance between a spare heir and the lady least likely to ever wear a princess crown, complete with dirty cookies, an emotional support monkey, and lots of pucking around. This romantic comedy stands alone with no cheating, cliffhangers and ends happily with a family of...more than two.

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