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Frequently Asked Questions

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A: You can always find an up-to-date “coming soon” page on my website here:

A: My characters went on strike until I embraced my curls. Sacrifices had to be made.

A: The signed paperback store on my website opens a few times a year. Make sure your notifications in here are on and you’re signed up for the Pipster Report to get the up to date info on when that happens!

You can sign up here:

A: It’s gonna happen eventually, since I’m not a taco or pizza or chocolate (and yes, I know at least one of you probably hates all three), but what you hate is what someone else will love. We like to focus on the positive here. The internet’s big, just like the world is big. Let’s celebrate what we love and pass by what we don’t, yeah?

A: Right now I’m not planning to do signings for the next year or two, but I’ll keep you posted if/when that changes!!

A: #TeamPippa (or, in the case of the Tickled Pink series books, the publisher) manages ARCs for me. Currently my ARC team is full, so please do not message #TeamPippa asking to be added. If there’s ever an opportunity to join, we’ll post about it in the Pipsquad.

A: Usually they’re on a Friday mid-month. 🙂 Also, OMG, I love seeing everyone’s Pippaverse gear!! ❤ You guys are AWESOME!!

A: There are SO MANY amazing resources on the internet, especially on Facebook! I’m not up on all of them, as I’m trying to hermit as I write a lot of books, but Alessandra Torre’s Inkers group is a good place to start. Also, you can search my Facebook group for “Sunday Publishing Secrets with Pippa,” which is a small series I did last year dropping some secrets of the publishing/self-publishing industry.

A: I don’t know. They aren’t talking to me yet, but whenever I get any of their books about 2/3 of the way done, I’ll let you know. I have this people-pleaser problem, and since I hit burnout in the fall of 2019, I’m pickier about only writing books that give me joy in the moment, because that helps keep me from going back into burnout, which would mean zero books instead of eventually writing anticipated books. So, basically, whenever these characters give me a plot line that makes me cackle and lights up my entire world with joy, I’ll start, and whenever I’m sure I can finish, I’ll let you know.

A: Only in this really weird dream once where I was also a princess of some interesting mushroom land.

A: Occasionally, I’ll get an offer/opportunity that requires my books to not be exclusive to Amazon, but a book can’t be in KU and also be offered on any other platform (in ebook form – audio and print are different), so I will occasionally remove a book/series from KU. Until such time as my business model permanently changes, which I don’t see happening anytime soon, those books will inevitably go back into KU at some point. I don’t always know when that will be, but they WILL be back.

A: Because it’s way more complicated and expensive to produce audiobooks that way. (p.s. Duet-style is when both narrators work together to narrate the entire book, trading off who’s speaking depending on which narrator is best suited to do the dialogue and thought of each character and secondary character.)

A: As much as I’d love to do every opportunity I am offered, I’d then sadly not have time to, you know, write books. BUT, you can always reach out to me via #TeamPippa at to extend an invite and we’ll see what we can do!
A: Depending on if you want to by series, chronologically, by publication date, we’ve got lists for all of those! Check them out here:

A: T-shirts, mugs, totes, hoodies and more for all things Pippaverse can be found on my website in my online store. Check it out here:

A: I send out a monthly newsletter to this list, you can sign up for it here.

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