Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What's the best reading order for Pippa Grant books?
    Answer: See for the most up-to-date information on publication dates, recommended reading order, and books listed by series!
  • When will LIAR, LIAR, HEARTS ON FIRE be available on audio?
    Answer: The book has been submitted to Audible. For reasons unknown to me, the review process is taking much longer than the standard 2 weeks, so I expect we'll see it by the end of April. (And yes, I really, REALLY wish I could tell you it was coming sooner.)
  • When is Jock Blocked coming?
    Answer: May 19!!
    Additional information: I booked narrators assuming the 2-week review window... So the audiobook, narrated by Andi Arndt and (male narrator to be confirmed soon), will arrive probably in late June.
  • Do you have pet chipmunks?
    Answer: No. I learned my lesson from Tripp.
  • Who's your favorite child?
    Answer: YOU GUYS. QUIT ASKING. I can't put that in writing and you know it.
    (Just kidding. You're not actually asking that.)
  • Are there more Thrusters books coming?
    Answer: YES!!! I'll write the Thrusters as long as there are players who are willing to let me torture them with a story.
  • Why is Wyatt's story in the Bro Code series when he wasn't in the band?
    Answer: Because all the guys in the neighborhood had that bro code bond long before five of them left to be the official boy band. They consider their sisters (Ellie Ryder-Morgan, June Rivers, and Davis's as-yet-unnamed-sister) to be their brother too. I mean, except Wyatt. Clearly, he doesn't think of Ellie as one of his brothers.
  • Does that mean Cash's siblings and Davis's mystery sister will get books too?
    Answer: If they'll cooperate and let me write their books! Also, if Davis's mystery sister actually exists. Editor Jessica and I are still debating the point.
  • Can I really vote for the mascots that Tripp and Lila announced at the end of LIAR, LIAR, HEARTS ON FIRE?
    Answer: YES! And you should! Especially since the mascots did speeches! Check it out here:
  • Will Cooper Rock, Tyler Jaeger, and pretty much any other side characters you can think of get a book?
    Answer: We never say never. So it's definitely possible. Just make sure you are subscribed to the Pipster Report so you get the most up to date information. 
  • I'm having trouble getting my Pipster Report. 
    Answer: Email either or for help. 
  • Pretty much any other random question you have?
    Answer: Email either or for help.