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  • Reformed Playboy
  • Baseball Player
  • Popstar Heroine
  • The One Who Got Away
  • Romantic Comedy

Irresistible Trouble is a hilarious home run of a romcom about a baseball player whose ego is catching up to him, a pop star who’s a bit of a hot mess when the cameras aren’t looking (and sometimes when they are), and the kind of family and teammates that everyone deserves… in small doses.

While this laugh-out-loud romance stands alone with a sweet-swoony HEA, you won’t go wrong if you dive into the entire Fireballs series, starting with Jock Blocked. And for more Cooper Rock cameos, check out Master Baker (a standalone featuring Cooper’s brother) and Pippa Grant's Bro Code series.


Copper Valley Fireballs #4

Want your heart broken? Give it to Cooper Rock.

He’s funny. Charming. Loyal to a fault. Adores his family. Builds up his teammates. And he’s baseball’s biggest playboy. He might be a good man, but he is not the settling down type.

But eight years after he left me broken-hearted on a beach, he walks back into my life. One look, and I’m falling for him all over again.

I know better.

I do.

Except our past? It’s not as clear-cut as I thought it was. And our future?

This older, wiser, hotter, funnier, determined Cooper is the man of my dreams. And when he tells me he’s done with his playboy ways, I believe him. Except his pro sports career and my life as a pop star have us perpetually running in different directions. Is this Broken Heartsville, the remix, or can we somehow find a way to make our second chance work?


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