Mister McHottie’s First Celebrity Endorsement!

Greetings, cookies!

I'm doing the happy booty-shake in my panties this morning – THE Selena Laurence read Mister McHottie! And she loved it!

50,000 words of the filthiest, most ridiculous wonderful you've ever read. Pippa Grant's debut rom com is roll on the floor hilarious, with deliciously dirty sex, and a cast of characters that will steal your heart. It's impossible to be unhappy while you're reading Pippa Grant. With a fresh laugh out loud voice and some of the steamiest hate sex you've ever seen, Pippa Grant knocks it out of the park with her debut, Mr. McHottie. I can't say enough great things about this book. I'm not even a rom com fan and I couldn't stop laughing. You'll never look at bratwurst the same way again. Chase is the perfect hot hero without a clue and Ambrosia steals the show with one of the sassiest, dirtiest mouths this side of Minnesota.

Selena Laurence www.SelenaLaurence.com

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