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Stories are an escape.

If you want to run away for a minute, might I suggest you let the most hilarious, sexy characters tag along?

Don't be shy . . . these characters don't bite

(Unless you’re talking about George Cooney, the raccoon.)

And he only bites bridal shower penis pops. #relatable

Everyone else will welcome you with open arms.


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Settle into your couch, 

or your bed, or your hammock, or the coffee shop, or the bar,

or the waiting room, or the recovery room, or the bus,

or the drive thru line

(on audiobook of course, plz don’t crash),

or the pickup line, or the break room, or the bench between classes,

or the sideline, or the saddle.

Now grab your Kindle, pop in your earbuds,

or flip open the page.

If you're blue,

immerse yourself in a world where you’re guaranteed a happy ending … and know those do exist.

If you're lonely,

eavesdrop on a couple both flawed and perfect for each other … and remember there’s a friend out there for everyone.

If you're bored,

fling yourself into a story written with a ridiculous wit usually reserved for the best HBO comedies … and savor it.

You’ll probably be charmed by the books first.

From there, you’ve got options:

This world is your shimmery rainbow oyster.

The Books

Most Pippa Grant books are published through Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re ready for the firehose, that’s the best option for reading ‘em all. You can also order print copies at local bookstores, and most are available as audiobooks. If you want a signed copy, snap ‘em up when they restock on—they’re rare!

Pippa Grant Book Lists

Jamie Farrell Book List (pre-Pippa Grant)

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The Pippaverse

Deleted and exclusive bonus scenes

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Sneak peeks into works-in-progress

Tiers are $5, $12, or $26 per month

Love all things Pippa Grant? Wish you could meet your favorite characters, or think you’d be friends if you met in real life? The Pippaverse lets you inside the brain of your favorite snowbound cat-lady romcom author. (Hi!)

Don’t be scared. There are lots of unicorns in here.

The Books

“Everyone has a story we may never know,
but in books we get to read it. 

In Pippa’s books, there is depth, nuance, care, heart, keen observation, strong voice,
and great plot resolutions, and of course, excellent spicy sexy times.”

The Merch

“If there can be sports jerseys and Star Wars lunch boxes
and Avengers LEGO sets, give me book-love swag!

I gotta wear clothes,

so why not rep a cool quote,
or the Copper Valley Thrusters or Fireballs?”

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Get a free novella!

Just try to keep it down.

(Or you might get kicked out of bed.)