• Hockey Romance
  • One Night Stand
  • Badass Virgin Pilot
  • Romantic Comedy

The Pilot and the Puck-Up is a standalone romantic comedy featuring a athlete whose ego won’t fit inside a hockey arena, the most badass woman to ever fly a plane, rubber chockey (don't ask), and no cheating or cliffhangers.

The pilot and the puck-up

Copper Valley Thrusters Book #1

He’s the biggest, baddest, most spider-fearing motherpucker on the ice…

Zeus Berger is an over-muscled, egotistical, sportsing goofball with a bigger mouth than shoe size—which is saying something—and I cannot get him out of my head.

He should be easy to forget. He’s all talk and no follow-through. But after an incredibly awkward one-night-stand gone wrong, I can’t shake him, and I don’t know if I want to.

I need to get my brain back on business, and fast. It’s hard enough being one of the toughest pilots in the flight adventure industry without the distraction of his body, his humor, and the teddy bear heart I’m starting to suspect he hides under all that bluster.

But when I realize he’s besties with the billionaire I’m trying to woo into investing in my business, I realize it can’t hurt to play nice.

Can it?