The Grumpy Player Next Door Book Box of Happiness

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THE GRUMPY PLAYER NEXT DOOR  is coming, and Pippa's put together A GRUMPY BOX OF HAPPINESS to celebrate! Want to feel like you live inside the pages of a book? This box is for you!

What's inside:

  • A signed copy of THE GRUMPY PLAYER NEXT DOOR
  • Hand-selected and customized limited edition items inspired by and taken from the book.
  • Swag
  • Fun
  • Lots and lots of invisible love


What's outside:

  • Free shipping!


Retail value over $100!

Note: Due to the current state of the shipping industry, there is only one box size. Barring unforeseen delays, boxes will ship on release day, July 8, 2021. Signed books will NOT be personalized inside the boxes.


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US only.

The Grumpy Player Next Door Book Box of Happiness.

One book box of happiness! Contains limited edition merchandise and exclusive swag inspired by THE GRUMPY PLAYER NEXT DOOR, plus a signed copy of the book (the one with the real title and cover)!

Free shipping.

Quantities limited.

The signed book will NOT be personalized.

Retail value over $100.

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