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Her Rebel Heart – Audiobook


This sexy military pilot is about to meet his match in an unpredictable former beauty queen!

Kaci Boudreaux is every Southern mama's nightmare, including her own. This former Miss Grits would rather tromp around in boots shooting off potato guns—and her mouth—than dress pretty and play nice with the boys. Especially her chauvinistic fellow professors, her ex-husband, and those military cargo pilots she's at war with after a pumpkin chunkin' disaster.

Lance Wheeler is every Southern belle's dream, except his ex-fiancé's. After being left at the altar, he'd love to take his C-130 and fly far, far away. But since he and his bird technically belong to Uncle Sam, a distraction in the form of a feisty fireball of a physics professor will do while he's waiting for his next deployment with the Air Force.

He's into her for the fun. She's into him for the challenge. But when their secrets and fears start slipping out, their hearts—and even her job—will be on the line. She needs roots. He wants to see the world. What will they do about needing each other?



  • Narrated By: Karen White
  • Audio Length: 08 hours 39 minutes
  • Publisher: Jamie Farrell
  • Publishing Date: March 03, 2017
  • Language: English

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