Pippamas 2022 Box of Happiness

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PIPPAMAS BOXES- These are the LAST remaining 2022 Pippamas Boxes!

When I started writing, I had one goal: to spread joy and happiness. To bring you even MORE joy and happiness during the holiday season, I've put together a Pippamas Box with some of my favorite things to help you close out 2022 and head into 2023 with a little bit of self care and fun!

What's Pippamas? It's a holiday celebration of joy, hope, dreams, and happiness.

What's inside the box:

  • A new selection of Pippa's favorite things, specially hand-selected and customized
  • Swag
  • Fun
  • Lots and lots of invisible love


What's outside:

  • Free shipping!



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US only.

One box of happiness! Contains limited edition Pippamas 2022 merchandise and exclusive swag hand-picked by #TeamPippa.

Note: this box DOES NOT contain a signed Pippa Grant novel.

Free shipping.

Quantities limited.