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Sugared – Audiobook


When Chicago's Hottest Snack Cake Heir...

Josh Kincaid went from rags to riches when he was adopted by the family who owns the Sweet Dreams Snack Cakes empire. But now the company is floundering, and Josh will do anything to save his parents the way they saved him. Including using his charm on a small-town wedding cake baker.

Takes on the Misfit Princess of the Bridal Capital of the Midwest...

Kimmie is flighty, she spouts off weird dreams when she's nervous, and her frizzy hair and fashion sense make her the girl least likely to snare a debonair snack cake heir. But Kimmie can bake a cake that'll make a grown man cry, and that's exactly what Josh needs to turn his parents' business around.

They Just Might Find The Recipe for Love

Josh's plan should be easy, except Kimmie isn't all cupcake underneath. Her help comes with a price. If Josh wants to save his family's company, he'll have to do something he's never done: be himself.

Cupcakes have never been so terrifying.



  • Narrated By: Karen White
  • Audio Length: 11 hours 38 minutes
  • Publisher: Jamie Farrell
  • Publishing Date: November 08, 2016
  • Language: English

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