Royally Pucked is Live!

A hockey-playing prince, a naughty baker, and one unexpected bun in the oven…

And did I mention a giveaway?

It's an epic bag of royal crap, and you can find it below!

But first –

Pippa's Top Ten Reasons to Read Royally Pucked Today.

10. Gracie, our intrepid heroine, is from Goat's Tit, Alabama. (That's just fun to say.)

9. Manning, our studly, swoony hero, knows how to use his stick.

8. Gracie has a secret. (It's about naughty cookies.)

7. Ares Berger has a major role. (Don't know Ares? Ooooh, but you should…)

6. There's an emotional support monkey and a dinosaur costume. (But not together. Though that would've been awesome.)

5. Gracie's thoughts on mermaid sex are almost as good as the monkey scene.

4. The monkey scene. (It bears repeating.)

3. Manning has an accent. And royal Viking blood running through his veins. And some of the very best swoony lines in the history of hockey-playing princes. (Shush. I don't care if he's one of very few hockey-playing princes, it still counts.)

2. Hot sex in a secret room.

1. Because you'll laugh, you'll swoon, and you'll fall in love.

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