• Hockey Romance
  • Royal Romance
  • Accidental Pregnancy
  • Romantic Comedy

Royally Pucked is a hilariously wrong romance between a spare heir and the lady least likely to ever wear a princess crown, complete with dirty cookies, an emotional support monkey, and lots of pucking around. This romantic comedy stands alone with no cheating or cliffhangers and ends happily with a family of…more than two.


Copper Valley Thrusters Book #2

A hockey-playing prince, a most improper lady, and one accidental pregnancy…

When you’re an heir so spare that you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than to ever wear a crown, you’re allowed certain liberties.

But after taking those liberties with the wrong lady, I’ve been banished to America for a year. The world thinks it’s so I can indulge in my favorite pastime on a professional hockey rink, but really, I’m here while my father cleans up my latest mess.

My orders are clear: be an ambassador for my country, make the family proud, and stay far, far away from women.

No one ever said they had to stay away from me though.

Which is exactly how Gracie Diamonte, the world’s greatest baker, most adorable dinosaur-suit wearer, and the very model of kind innocence, sneaks past my defenses.

And my guard.

And how we end up facing a very unexpected pregnancy.

Of course I’ll do the right thing by her. All the right things.

Just as soon as I solve that pesky problem of my other royal duties.