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Good books pull you into a whole world.

So don’t you hate it when they end? 



The Pippaverse

A Patreon community & goodie factory built for the fan who wants more than just a happy ending.

Does it really have to end with The End?

Not here, friend.

I don’t leave you dangling off the last page.

Make Your Life More Pip-tastic with The Pippaverse

Here’s what’s included in each membership tier:

The Pipsqueaks
$5/per month
Access to the Patron-only community
Deleted or never-before-published scenes
Random life updates and deep thoughts
Occasional extra funnies from yours truly
The Glitter Squad
$12/per month

Everything included in the Pipsqueak level, plus …

Exclusive voting rights on super random story details (want a character’s favorite color to be chartreuse? Or a pet’s name to be Onionhead?)
Pippa-vised sneak peeks at the latest work in progress (aka, I ask you for details, and then those details get inserted into scenes from upcoming books!)
Most Popular
The Lady Fireballs
$26/per month

All the benefits of the Pipsqueaks and the Glitter Squad, plus …

Early ebook access to my indie-published books
Fun surprises every month that may range from things like video chats (possibly with surprise guests), custom illustrations of book characters and scenes, exclusive swag featuring designs not available anywhere else, and other randomness for your enjoyment!
Exclusive quarterly merch

“I’ve downloaded the bonus epilogues—I love them.
I joined Pippa’s Patreon at the highest tier as soon as I heard it was available.
Because A: I’m nosy. And B: I wanted to support her.
I like what she does—she brings a lot of joy to a lot of people.

And I wanted to support that in the world. I buy the release boxes because they’re fun.
I’m a member of the Pipsquad. I follow her different social media on Facebook.
I’m probably one step away from a restraining order.
But I want to be supportive.”


Jenny | Writer, quilter, retired military spouse, binge-reader


Go where the story 
never ends.

Join today, and don’t miss another video of me wearing flannel & learning to chop wood.
Or a rare chance to vote on the title of the next book.

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